workshop in taku 2012

'The Simple Teabowl'

Getting To Taku

The easiest way to travel to Saga is via Fukuoka International Airport. Once you've arrived at the airport you can catch a train to Hakata station, and from there it's about a 40 minute ride to Hizenyamaguchi, the closest station to Taku that handles express and semi express trains. From there I can pick you up and it's a 20 minute drive to Tougenshousha.

I'll have additional details added to this page as they come, or if you have any questions please email me.

*The cost of the train from Hakata to Hizenyamaguchi is 2550 yen for the express, 1250 yen for the regular. The extra 1300 yen for the express is worth it.

What To Bring

-Your favorite tools.
-Easy to put on/remove shoes or sandals, preferably no laces.
-Comfortable clothes, casual.
-A light jacket for the evenings.