workshop in taku 2012

'The Simple Teabowl'

I am proud to announce that the theme, dates, and presenters for the second Workshop in Taku have been decided upon.

The workshop is scheduled for spring of 2012, May 12 - 18. The theme: 'The Simple Teabowl' will encompass the making and use of teabowls for Japanese tea ceremony, and the potter's and tea practitioner's thoughts regarding them. Focus will be on but not limited to tea bowls, and will likely extend to other tea implements as well.

Currently, presenters are as follows:

Tsuruta Yoshihisa: master potter, Karatsu ware

Okamoto Sakurei: master potter, Karatsu ware

Maruta Munehiko: master potter, Karatsu ware

Kawakami Mako: Urasenke Tea Instructor

Okamoto Koichi: Urasenke Tea Instructor and Professor of Social Psychology.裏千家茶道 正引継(大円草奥秘伝) 裏千家淡交会終身師範

Additional presenters may (likely) be added to the schedule.

In addition to the presentations, time will be spent visiting potters and tea rooms in the area, experiencing various teabowls and contexts for tea.

Information/itinerary specifics will be added to this site as the event planning progresses.

There are 20 spots available for the workshop. If you are interested in reserving a spot, please email. A non-refundable deposit (with exceptions based on circumstances) of $200 will be required to reserve a workshop spot, so please make sure you have no prior engagements for the duration of the workshop dates.