workshop in taku 2012

'The Simple Teabowl'


Accomodations for this year's workshop will be at Tougenshousha. Originally built in 1699 as a school, Tougenshousha currently provides accomodations and meeting space for visiting research groups and other study related events. The mayor of Taku has kindly agreed to let our group use the facilities for the Workshop in Taku 2012 event.

The facility features the following:

Men's group room (group sleeping arrangements for up to 20 adults)
Women's group room (group sleeping arrangements for up to 20 adults)
2 Fully separate bath/shower/sink facilities for men/women.
Large 80 person capacity meeting hall
Tea Room
20 car parking area

Here are some views of the facility:



Food and Meal Arrangements

We will for the most part, be preparing our own meals, and cleaning up for ourselves. Breakfasts and most dinners will be prepared at Tougenshousha. Most lunches will be at restaurants, or delivered to the workshop. Lunches are the only meals that are not covered by the workshop fees, and will generally run about 500 - 800 yen per meal.

If any participants have special dietary needs, please notify me ahead of the workshop so that I may prepare accordingly.