Being Productive

Today was an unusually productive studio day for me. Usually I get sidetracked with something, but today I was in the zone baby!

Started out at 5 am, finishing up brush decoration on a few pots before breaking out the glaze and getting dirty. Rarely are all the pots in the queue getting the same glaze, but today they were, so one bucket instead of 5 to wade around, a simple setup and a simple cleanup.  From 6 to 9am I got the glaze prepped and glazing station set up, about 170 pots glazed, and everything cleaned up again. That freed me up to spend the rest of the day loading the kiln.

From 9 to 10am I had breakfast/lunch, then got busy breaking out the kiln loading kit and cat proofing the kiln doorways. Nothing worse than a cat walking around on all of your freshly loaded green glazed pots.  From about 12 to 5 pm I loaded 150 pots, finishing one of the two stacks that fit in the rear chamber.

Now that the pots are loaded I have about 15 ware boards freed up for making more pots, then those will get decorated and glazed, and the second stack loaded into the rear chamber. Cat doors in place, the chamber should be safe until I have the next batch of pots ready to load.

Going out this evening with family and friends to a restaurant the next town over. Beer is going to taste good tonight!