Saving space

When I built the studio I thought that 10×4 meters would be plenty but it filled up faster than I would have imagined. A white board that I picked up at Costco some time back was just gathering dust because I couldn’t find a good place for it, but finally the light bulb went on and now the whiteboard issue is resolved.

Since the ceiling is low here it is quite easy to reach up and make notes, and I have a new appreciation for magnetic markers and erasers!

We fired up the wood pizza oven on Saturday night, our first fall firing, with around twenty guests over the course of 9 hours, from two pm to past eleven pm. Four batches of dough in all (a new record), pesto, curry, seafood, teriyaki chicken, tuna n mayo (tuna mayo pizza with wasabi is awesome, go figure!), bacon and sausage, and yes, even dessert pizza with marshmallows, chocolate, and bananas.
One of the guests is a calligraphy artist, and he brought his brushes for a small calligraphy demo, which was very interesting. He did my studio name in two different styles, and I am really split on which I like best. Both are just fantastic.

Perhaps I can convince him to do the same thing in iron deco on some clay tiles next time he comes over to visit…

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  1. I am just wondering if I send you a message before or not. Anyway I have been wwoofing around Japan and am now staying for a bit in Fukuoka where I used to live. I would like to wwoof ( help out in return for accomodation and food) with a potter. Do you or do you know a potter who needs some help ? I would be available pretty soon. Hope to hear from you. Mies Heerma

    1. Hi Mies,

      Sorry, I am not aware of anyone who is doing this sort of thing, I’m not sure what the best way for finding this type of arrangement might be.

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