Katakuchi and Guinomi

Here are some of the last pots to be made for the upcoming firing. Katakuchi (spouted bowls) and guinomi (small drinking cups).

The katakuchi are made from 3 blended clays, with added sand and crushed porcelain stone. I got lucky with the clay for the guinomi, clay gathered from a roadside cut more than 10 years ago by an in-law. It was really nice to throw with, and trimmed like a dream. This was the last of it, so I’m really hoping to get some keepers.

The spouts are really simple. Just a lump of clay smashed out with your thumb against the palm of your hand, then attached to the pot. If you look closely you can see the creases of my hand in the undersides of the spouts.

I realized that I tend to post pictures of unfinished work more often than not. I’ll try to remember to post pictures of the finished pots after the firing, if they come through it ok.

2 thoughts on “Katakuchi and Guinomi”

  1. I really love your work, especially your Yunomi, Guinomi and Chawan. I live in the UK, is there anywhere where I can purchase your work as I collect drinking vessels by other potters

    Kind regards


  2. Andy, thank you very much for the kind words. Sorry, I don’t have any work in galleries in the UK, just Japan so far. I do have some of my work up on Etsy (my own online store is currently down for maintenance and a facelift). If you are interested in something, I’d be more than happy to send you some pictures.

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