workshop in taku 2014

'Karatsu:Tradition and Evolution'



Welcome to the official website for the Workshop in Taku. The Workshop in Taku is an ongoing series of bi-annual workshops aimed at bringing the tradition of Karatsu ware to a worldwide audience, as well as promoting interaction and exchange between artists, collectors, scholars, and laymen on an international level.

I am proud to announce that the theme and dates for the third biannual Workshop in Taku have been decided.

November 8 (Sat)-14 (Fri)

As the name implies, this week long workshop will focus on the 500+ year history of Karatsu, from its roots in Korea to its introduction and relationship with tea ceremony, its near demise, and finally its revival and resurgence during the 20th century.

As always, the workshop will be comprised of day trips, demonstrations, and lectures, with evenings devoted to studio time, discussion, and participant presentations.

Day events currently in the works:

-Pottery and brushwork demonstration by Tsuruta Yoshihisa.

-History of Karatsu ware presentation, and pot making demonstration by Mike Martino.

-The Taku pottery research center, and full access to shards from the Taku Koraidani kiln excavation.

-A guided tour and lecture of the Kyushu Ceramic Museum, with accompanying lecture on the history of Hizen ceramics.

-Tour of Ureshino's Tokunaga tea plantation, with tea brewing course by certified tea instructor.

-Tea ceremony experience with Kawakami Mako.

-Visit to pottery supply in Arita.

-Visits to several local pottery studios.

A final schedule of events will be presented approximately 6 months prior to the workshop date. Visits to the local hot springs are always included in the schedule and are therefore not in the list above.