workshop in taku 2014

'Karatsu:Tradition and Evolution'


The total cost of the full week-long workshop is 90,000 Japanese yen, and will include:

Presenter fees
Workshop fees
Material costs
Dinners*, including Restaurant Taishi**
Beverages and snacks
Transportation (around town and on field trips, during the workshop)

*Evening get togethers are mostly BYOB, and there are local stores close by for acquiring your preferred poison.
**Alcoholic beverages at Taishi are not included.

There are 15 spots available for the workshop. If you are interested in reserving a spot, please email me. A non-refundable deposit (with exceptions based on circumstances) of $200 will be required to reserve a workshop spot, so please make sure you have no prior engagements for the duration of the workshop dates.


In addition to full workshop participation (above), for guests in Japan who may not have the full week to spend, we are also offering the option of participating on an event by event basis. The fee for each event is 14,000 Japanese yen, and does not include meals or lodging. In the event that you wish to participate in evening festivities, please contact us in advance so we can arrange meal and lodging on a case by case basis.