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Teapots again

The simple handle-less teapots that I fired in the last wood kiln load all sold, which is very good news. Granted, not a lot of them survived the firing because wood tumbled over on them during the stokes. Not making that mistake again, combined with a larger batch of pots this time around should give me a good little stock of pots to sell.

These are spoutless, handle-less teapots, with vertical grooves cut on the interior where the mouth is, to allow the liquid to escape. They work surprisingly well, and are far easier to clean than a standard teapot strainer.

Also, (my apologies to the squeamish here) I ran into a strange thing on the way home the other day. A Praying Mantis had been run over on the road and its internal parasite was coming out. I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of pictures. These Gordian worms, or horse hair worms as they are sometimes called, really creep me out.