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Busy busy

The first abalone dish dried successfully, so today I started making more. I also started a small run of shiboridashi teapots. These are always good sellers, because they are easy to use and clean, with no hard to reach holes or metal sieves to collect grime. 

I always carve the grooves as early as possible, because as the clay gets harder, it becomes difficult to carve without tear out. Then I put the lids on, so that they dry evenly without warping, and after trimming they will go into the kiln to be fired together, to avoid any warping. 

Teapots again

The simple handle-less teapots that I fired in the last wood kiln load all sold, which is very good news. Granted, not a lot of them survived the firing because wood tumbled over on them during the stokes. Not making that mistake again, combined with a larger batch of pots this time around should give me a good little stock of pots to sell.

These are spoutless, handle-less teapots, with vertical grooves cut on the interior where the mouth is, to allow the liquid to escape. They work surprisingly well, and are far easier to clean than a standard teapot strainer.

Also, (my apologies to the squeamish here) I ran into a strange thing on the way home the other day. A Praying Mantis had been run over on the road and its internal parasite was coming out. I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of pictures. These Gordian worms, or horse hair worms as they are sometimes called, really creep me out.