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Fall 2015

has been busy.

I’ve gotten pretty far behind keeping up with the blog, falling into the bad habit of making small posts to Facebook. One of my areas of increased effort over the next year will be to work more on maintaining the blog, and getting it more integrated with other forms of social media. Trying to keep track of them all is like trying to herd cats.
I had made one promise to show before/after pictures for a couple of pieces, the first of which is the slab/paddle built sake chiller w/ feet and lugs:

raw unglazed
Fired piece, Chosen Karatsu style glaze. Matchbook for scale.
Underside detail. Fired on shells, feet not touching the shelf.
Glaze detail


The other thing I’ve been working on since early this year is getting a usable kohiki/clear glaze combination, because for some reason a lot of customers have been requesting white work. They have also been requesting black, so I’ve been working on getting a reliable semi matte black glaze. Mission not quite accomplished, but I feel I’m most of the way there. Here is the kohiki I’ve come up with and I am happy with it:

Kohiki cups. Cup on the left is unused. Middle has been used a bit, and right has been used a lot. The patina is beautiful in my opinion, and the fineness of the crackle is something I’ve been wanting for a long time in my work.
Various guinomi from 2015, mostly from the fall firing. Guinomi make great gyokuro drinking cups.
Various guinomi from 2015, mostly from the fall firing. Guinomi make great gyokuro drinking cups.
Seabirds on white.
Seabirds on white.
The other thing I have started doing is Japanese kana inspired brushwork
The other thing I have started doing is Japanese kana inspired brushwork, except with English. This cup is decorated with vertical English writing, a Goethe quote I like: “Whatever you can do, or think you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” One of the other said: “Don’t be a dick.” These were more popular than I had anticipated and are currently sold out. Definitely making more!

Here are some of the pieces with the new black glaze. It seems to look best thin, and as with most glazes looks nicer over interesting wild clays rather than processed clays.

Type 1 semi matte black Katakuchi with black lacquer repairs.
Type 1 semi matte black Katakuchi with black lacquer repairs.
Type 1 semi matte black dish.
Type 1 semi matte black dish.
Semi mmatte type 2: two black glazes layered
matte type 2: two black glazes layered, makes a fatter glaze surface.

Fall Open Studio

Just a short post of some pictures from the studio sale this weekend.

Chosen Karatsu Slabs

I had to make a batch of slab plates after the fall wood kiln firing, because every one of my slabs cracked in that firing. Turns out the clay I used was high in silica, and didn’t agree with the long wood kiln firing. The silica turned into cristabolite, and all pots made with that clay experienced shivering, or cracking, no matter what glaze they were paired with, and across a range of temperatures.

Forward a few weeks, and I’m frantically trying to get some replacement plates fired because this weekend is the fall open studio event, followed by an exhibition in Nagasaki during the first week of Dec.

For the most part this firing went well, aside from the fact that I exploded my large platter. Drat.

The last few pieces…

The last of the teabowls and some larger pieces that will go in the front to get hammered by the fire.  I’ll be putting more work around the firebox this time, probably half the volume of work in this firing will be in the front stack and around the firebox.  This in response to an epiphany I had after the last firing when I realized how much space was going to waste around the front, and how a change in stacking configuration would allow for easier handling of certain pieces during the firing. 

This time around I’m planning to shovel embers from under the grate and toss them back into the kiln on and around the work in the front area. I also made a primary air cover that should enable us to stand at the stoke for longer periods of time without fear of being bathed in flames. 

Anyway, here’s the work:


teabowls, about 300 grams each.
low iron body with weathered feldspar inclusions.
i waited a bit too long to trim, but managed not to break any


large serving bowl, or maybe a flower vessel?
underside of a similar piece
a smaller finished piece

Guinomi for fall

I’m in the middle of loading the kiln for the fall firing, and suddenly realized I’ve forgotten to make any firebox suitable guinomi or chawan, so spent yesterday evening and this morning doing a batch of guinomi made from what I hope is a sufficiently refractory body for the most violent parts of the kiln. Teabowls this afternoon… 

some paddled guinomi, ’cause they were naughty
simple ones…
funky, weird ones
middle setting finished

Coil and paddle

I have been working on coil and paddle pots these last few days. This is a sequence of photos from a jar I made today. It’s not very big, probably about 36 cm across.