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Fall firing 2016

Open comments and notes

Front came out beautifully, mid stack as well, rear a little cool. Very top of front, mid, and rear were cold. Shelf config caused this, I think, because of the large shelves being close together, creating strata in the heat gradient. The very front shelf with guinomi and chawan was the main culprit, blocking the flame from rising, and directing it under the large shelves placed midway up the front stack. 

In the future I need to stagger the shelf levels during stacking, to allow the flame to travel upward.  Also, block some of the floor level flue channels at the rear of the chamber. Make sure upper flues are fully open. 

Front cones are 9, 10, 11, 12 Orton. 

Rim carving

Spent the last two days throwing large and medium Karatsu style platters, 30-50cm size. There are two rim treatments and some fluting, which is a first for me. 

30cm platter, simple rim
30cm platter, step rim
fluted rim, special fluting tool which is actually a tool used by my great grandfather with his fruit orchards.