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Wedding ring boxes

One of my customers who is a silversmith came by the other day to make
an order for ceramic boxes for his handmade wedding band sets. Said he
was tired of handing his work over to couples in the standard felt box,
and wants something to distinguish his work from everyone else's work.
These are the prototype boxes, one with feet, one without.

They are slab and coil pinch pots, and reflect the wood figure from the
bats () they were constructed on. Mouth is about 6cm across. They will
be presented with shifuku (protective cloth) inside signed wood boxes
with tie cords.

I like his idea because the rings will now be in a useful item, rather
than a throwaway felt box. They can use the box to hold their wedding
bands, or other small valuables, and the box itself has value to the
customer. Not to mention the fact that every time my customer sells a
wedding band set, I sell a box. : )

in Taku, Japan

Kuro Oribe Spice Jar w/Ebony and Pink Ivory lid

Here is another lid I made this morning for a small Kuro Oribe jar. The
glaze is a green oribe, but with some adjustments it ended up with too
much alumina and the color got rather dark. This combined with putting
it on a iron rich clay body made it a mottled greenish black. I didn't
think the pink ivory would be so pink. After getting the oil, it's
almost red. It's all natural color, I didn't stain it.

Spice Jar Lid

I made some failed tea caddies a while back, but wanted to use them for
something, so saved them as candidates for having lids made. Thought
they might be nice as little spice jars, etc…

Finally pulled out the lathe, dusted it off and gave it a go. Used an
old piece of olive wood that I'd had laying around for a long time. Put
a little piece of rosewood on that as a handle/accent. Lid ended up
looking like a had with a feather stuck in the brim.

in Taku, Japan

Shino exp. continued…

Here are some additional shino experiments from a subsequent firing. No
added/sprinkled wood ash. Again, it's a just personal taste, but I like
the charred parts on the foot.

I'll be including some weathered chunky feldspar in the glaze mix for
the next round of tests. Hoping to get some of that sugary surface like
authentic shino.

Pics of the chawan were taken after it spent time in the 'aging tank',
which is a tannin soup, made by steeping chestnut husks in water. I
originally made this solution for dissolving the brown film from the
surface of green oribe glaze. Stinky, but safer than working with
concentrated acid.

in Taku, Japan