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Mingei Show Display 2

Here are some of the other displays from the show:

First shown is Reid Ozaki, he put together a very nice display with plants from his garden and yard.

Next two are Matt Allison, I wish I had Matt’s technical skill…

Here is Sequoia Miller’s display, very nice work. Reminds me of Michael Hagedorn’s work. Michael stopped making pots some time ago in favor of becoming a Bonsai artist.
Like Matt, Sequoia’s work shows a great deal of precision and mastery of his materials.

Here is Ken Pincus’ display. I had other pics but for some reason they turned out blurry. Lots of yummy biidoro ash drips in Ken’s display. Ken and I’s lives are similar on so many fronts, it is almost distrubing 😉

This is Steve Sauer’s display. Steve obviously doesn’t have problems with back pain. He had the largest pieces in the show overall. I really liked his large platters, hikidashi work, and flower arranging vessels resembling boulders and mountains.

Hank Murrow is next with his lovely American shinos. Hank is the reason I was in the show this year, he was kind enough to pass along my request for an application, and introduced me to the people running the show. The afternoon of the show, Hank, Ken, John Fairman (the gallery owner) and I shared a few bowls of tea prior to the festivities. As we passed the bowls around oohing and aahing (about the tea and the bowls, Hank brought out a beautiful shino for the occasion), John made the hilarious observation that had this been 30 years ago, we probably would have been passing around a joint, and hadn’t times changed?

Mingei Show Display

Here are some pics of my display at the Mingei show. All the potters picked a display spot roughly this size and used the furniture and other objects at the gallery to create a display. Really fun!

You can probably tell from the display, but I really liked the old wagon wheels. The shino teabowl shown near the bottom sold on the opening night, which was a nice surprise.

10th Annual Glenn Richards Mingei Show

This last week was the Glenn Richards Mingei Pottery Show. Lots of fun and met lots of great people. This was the card from the show. My E-Madara Karatsu Mizusashi made the card, quite a surprise there.
Pictures of the work from the show coming soon…

Bat pins on my kickwheel

Well, I’ve been thinking about how tricky it is to re-center a bat on the wheelhead with a half made piece on it without batpins.

My bats are all handmade from cedar planking, basically a flat bat with bar-like legs attached cross grain to prevent warping. I take four blobs of soft clay and stick the bat to the wheel head. Works like a charm, simple and cheap. Except, if you’re making a big piece and it needs a rest, you’re stuck with an occupied wheel head. Taking the bat off can be done but getting the piece centered again later is a bitch.

I was at the hardware store the other day and noticed some cabinet shelf pins. The pins screw into sleeves which are countersunk into holes in the workpiece, and I thought AHHHH!

With my trusty drill I put the holes in the wheelhead after establishing the best location. Tapped in the sleeves and added a dollop of glue to each hole, then screwed the pins in. Next, drilled my bats to fit the pin configuration. It took all of about an hour to set it all up. I’m looking forward to trying out the new system. After the clay blob method, I’m feeling positively modern….