Overglaze tests with iron pigment

Here is the original test cup (r), and one pulled from the last firing (l). The first cup was refired to cone 5, the second to cone 6. I was worried with the extra heat that the overglaze brushwork would bleed or run, but it didn’t.  
One thing I like about this overglaze deco is that it allows me a ‘second chance’ for decoration when refiring this kind of work. The other is that it allows for finer detail showing up in the final product. Underglaze iron tends to get absorbed into the glaze and/or clay body, so the finest lines become obscured or transparent.

2 thoughts on “Overglaze tests with iron pigment”

  1. I love your drawing style! It’s so spontaneous and open. Rosanjin couldn’t do better! Oh to be able to buy a set.
    Great Job!!!

    1. Thank you Jeff! I don’t have a set of these now but I could make some for you if you like…

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