1.3kg Bowls

Something I’d been putting off lately was making larger work, but i decidied it was time to warm up to it, so threw these the other morning. Figuring I could kill two birds at the same time, I made half into grinding mortars, and half as noodle bowls. These all came to 26cm wide wet, and have already shrunk down to 24cm, not even dry yet. After they are dry, I’ll knock off all the crumbs from the comb marks. If you do it wet, it turns into a lumpy mess. 

Next I’ll move up to 2kg bowls, then 3. 

2 thoughts on “1.3kg Bowls”

    1. Thank you! I don’t score the insides of the noodle bowls, and I don’t glaze the insides of the mortars.

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