Chabana Exhibit in Fukuoka

Yesterday I had the chance to visit a Chabana exhibit with my cousin and his fiancé. I have always liked the aesthetic of Chabana, but have never had the chance to see so many at once.


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  1. Sorry to put this comment here but didn’t know where to find your email address. I was wondering if you could help me here. I lived for quite a long time in Japan, Fukuoka. Two years ago I quit my job and work and started traveling around the world. Since May this year I have been back in Japan mostly wwoofing ( working for accommodation and food) at various places around Japan. I am interested in making pottery.I would love to do some ¨wwoof¨time at a pottery place. I was wondering if you have any connections with pottery artist in Karatsu who might be interested in having someone help them out for a few weeks in return for accommodation and food……. Hope to hear from you . Thanks. Mies Heerma ps. I am just an amateur but did some pottery before

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