Summertime, and the livin’ is HOT!

Took a walk out this morning with the dogs, and left around 8am in order to beat the heat. Turns out 8am doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s summer now kids, and the heat hits you like a wall when you step out the door. The 90+% humidity doesn’t help much.

The dogs, however, don’t really seem to care, they just pant harder and enjoy the walk all the same. The biggest change besides the heat, is the deafening buzz of all the cicadas which have emerged. Spring time brings the frogs and their chirping and croaking, but the summer cicadas are easily louder than the frogs. On the walk this morning one of them swept down off of a tree and landed on the towel draped over my shoulders. Once he figured out I wasn’t a tree he was off again to do his thing somewhere else.