Hosui Sato Workshop

This last Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend a short calligraphy workshop conducted by calligrapher/teacher Hosui Sato. I first met him last month when he attended the Workshop in Taku 2012. During the evening pizza party, he did an impromptu calligraphy performance for everyone, doing brushwork on paper, clay, and finally even a large work (which now hangs in my studio) on a tatami mat, using a big fat brush.

The group of participants was comprised of the Wakate Shokunin (young craftsmen/women) group of Omura, and I was invited as a guest. In the next picture, one of the participants is signing the group work, with Hosui san (sitting) looking on. Members for the evening included a woodworker, two potters, a silversmith, and a graphic designer.

Here are the two pieces I completed during the event. The first is RASHIKU (等志駆). First kanji means equal, second means intention, third means run. A rough translation would be ‘to apply yourself equally vigorously in all endeavors’.
The second piece is KAISHIN (魁心). First kanji means pioneer, second means heart. The first is actually the kanji for my eldest sons name, and I am thinking about using Kaishin as the name of the first chamber of the wood kiln, and naming the second chamber using kanji from my younger son’s name.

That’s about it for today, have a good evening!

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Location:Omura, Nagasaki