This just made me sad when I saw it this morning. We had a LOT of rain over ten last 36 hours, and I think the footers sank a bit, tilting the stack forward, then dumping it. This will take some time to clean up.

** Just one quick amendment to this post: on re-reading the post and comments, I realized that I may have mislead people to believe that the stack (chimney) went over. Not so, thankfully. Just the stack of wood. No damage to the kiln other than a few scratches to the insulating top coat, and about 5 unlucky shelves that had been sitting right where the wood struck.

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Location:Taku, Saga, Japan

3 thoughts on “Bummer…”

  1. Mike,

    I always enjoy your blog updates…until now. I am so sorry to hear and see the damage to your kiln. I hope some good can come of this…maybe more crops from the garden with all that rain. Just glad nobody got hurt. A potter’s life isn’t always as easy as some people think. Take care. Ron

  2. That’s more than just a bummer Mike. Hope the rebuild goes
    quickly and without problems.

  3. Hi Ron and Robert,
    Just re-read the post, and realize that it may lead people to believe that the stack fell over. This is not the case. Just the stack of wood fell over onto the kiln. The kiln itself is undamaged aside from some scrapes in the top coat. I did lose 5 shelves that had been leaning against the outside of the kiln. I got the wood moved out of the way today, while bisque firing. Will start loading tomorrow, and fire the end of next week.

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