New Pots, Finally!

Unloaded the kiln yesterday and started cleaning up some of the keepers. This firing was good. A lot of keepers, some refires, and a few hammers.
Here are a few of the pots that are at least partially cleaned up and ready to go.

6 thoughts on “New Pots, Finally!”

    1. Thank you Yolande! This turned out to be about the best firing so far. Finally figuring out how to fire the beast.

  1. mike, lovely glazing. i especially enjoyed the Hanzutsu Chawan. the “run” of the glaze appears to have loose enough viscosity to needle, to cone, as it runs toward the foot — the needles are not blunt like the end of a drop. thanks paul

    1. Thank you Paul, yes the glaze has to be runny enough but not too much that it runs right off the pot.

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