A Nice Spring Morning Walk

Last Wednesday, I went fishing at night with friends. We arrived at our spot and while parking the car noticed dozens of large toads out in the rain. It was still cold out, we all had several layers on plus rain gear, but those toads looked comfortable enough. My friend said that this was a sure sign that spring was here, and so far he’s been right. Every day since Wed. has been downright comfortable, though it still cools down in the evenings. Millions of years of instinct trumps the weather man every time…

This morning on our walk, the smell of spring is in the air. That bite in the wind is gone, and the air is suffused with a humidity  not present in the winter months. This morning the cloud cover is thick and some rain will surely follow. The mountains are shrouded in mist, and the vegetation seems to soak it up. Everything is green and lush, unopened buds starting to swell.

Raz and I head up a new mountain road, the concrete is white and unstained, with just a few fallen twigs scattered over the surface. In a few years it will be grey and covered with pockets of moss and lichen, grass will be emerging from cracks and crevices holding the residual soil of the mudslides that will intermittently cover the road, only to be cleaned up by men or washed away by subsequent rains.

Even the forest is clean and uncluttered. Someone has been here clearing out the underbrush and deadwood, leaving behind a carpet of ferns broken only by the trunks of large trees. A few smaller trees have emerged as well, living in the shade of the canopy. Where the mountain was cut to build the road, there is green netting covering the soil with sodded grass slowly covering everything. In some places the grass was too slow to fill in and the rains have caused the clay soil to slide down to the raised curb at the edge of the concrete.

View down the mountain. The road is visible in the shadows of the forest.
View back up the mountain from the patch of road in the forest shadows.

When we reach the apex, about where the road starts to descend again, there is a clear cut area which looks like some sort of construction project in its early stages. Behind a large berm is a concrete gutter which has been installed to keep the water from encroaching into the project area, but clay and soil has fallen in, trapping rainfall in pockets several inches deep. In one of these pockets, I see several clusters of what are probably frog eggs.

Frog(?) eggs. At least 2 different kinds.

The clay exposed in the cut above the gutter is interesting. It looks very red, almost purple in places, and it has a lot of some sort of rock interspersed throughout. In one or two areas there is even some clay that looks fairly white. Perhaps it would be good for making pots. The red clay and the dark stone might be good for putting in a glaze. It may be worth a trip back up in the car with some bags and a shovel. Chances are once this project gets underway, I won’t have access to this clay again.

Iron rich clay matrix with some sort of grey stone inclusions. Shale maybe?
The whiter section of the clay bank

Coming back down the other side of the mountain, there is a cedar grove where a group of guys from my neighborhood have started growing Shiitake mushrooms. Lots of hardwood logs arranged standing up and in the shade of the trees. The logs are in that ‘A’ frame standing pattern to allow for good air flow. That, plus shade and rainfall equals lots of nice fat Shiitake. It takes about 3 years from when we inoculate the logs for them to start producing mushrooms.

Shiitake growing area w/inocculated logs arranged and growing mushrooms.


A little guy growing from one of the logs.

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  1. Wow, your longest post ever that wasn’t about pots (although you did throw in that last bit about the clay) Very nice. Wonderful pictures too.

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