A Nice Belgian

I sat down this evening with my last bottle of St.Feuillien Tripel. I had been saving it for a special occasion and in this case it was finding a wonderful hand blown beer glass.

This last weekend was one of the kurabiraki (open to the public) of Amabuki Sake Brewery in Miyaki Cho, Fukuoka. They do it twice a year, once in fall and once in winter. They invite a line up of artists of various flavors and open the whole compound to guests. The old buildings are magnificent, with the main brewing building at the center of everything. It was restored a few years back and the original timbers are breathtaking. The roof beams of this huge building are pine beams almost two feet in diameter. You can sit on the wide natural wood planks of the second floor and look up to their red/brown patina as you knock back a nice cup of chilled sake. I took my camera all three days of the show, and all three days forgot to take pictures. Doh!

One of the artists this time was glass blower, Akiko Maeda, who makes really nice work. Simple, warm, and organic, much more appealing than the standard fare which I usually find to be cold and .. well.. ‘glassy’.
She was gracious enough to trade me two of her cups for two of my bowls, I think we each thought we got the better deal, so it worked out great.

The St. Feuillien was delicious, by the way….