Here are the pots from yesterday, trimmed. The hump wasn’t finished when I was summoned for dinner, so I left it overnight to use as a trimming chuck this morning. This clay is full of sand and not very plastic, so doesn’t stick to itself too badly if one of the surfaces is not wet.

After trimming that group, the hump could be used to throw some more pots; I think I got another 8 or 9 small plates out of it.

Like I mentioned above, this clay has a lot of fine sand wedged in, and it trims real nice. Lots of crinkles.

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    1. Hi Chris, the trimming tool is a piece of steel strap bent at a right angle, more or less. Unsharpened, because it won’t give the texture if it is sharp. Extra sand is wedged in, it is a feldspathic sandstone which has been pounded in a mortar, pretty fine. This clay starts out sandy so I don’t need to add more than about 5%. With most plastic clays, I would add more like 30-50%. It gets shorter, but is more interesting, in my opinion.
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