Shell geekery for shell geeks

Warning! Geek alert!

Today on the way back from teaching, I stopped by the seaside shell pile to collect some cockle shells for firing. Though I usually don’t find “the good ones”, today I got lucky. Pictured below are the two types in the area. The thin type with the many, shallow grooves comprises about 99% of what one can find, so I usually use those, but today I found quite a few of the deeply grooved bumpy, thick shells. These are better for standing pots on because they are thicker and don’t collapse in the firing, so they don’t need to be stuffed with fire clay, at least for small to medium sized items. They also leave a more interesting mark on the pot.

“Hi, I’m Mike and I’m a shell wadding geek.”

“Hi Mike” (SWG Anonymous group murmurs)

2 thoughts on “Shell geekery for shell geeks”

  1. Those are beauties. We are constantly on the hunt too. I originally thought it would be a simple matter to get my hands on a good supply, but it’s turned out to be a treasure hunt.

    1. That’s a fact. I heard from someone in the US some years ago who said that they could get large amounts of shells from somewhere in Florida (shipped inland to them) for a pittance, but I don’t remember who and don’t know the details.

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