It’s Official

The kiln is finished. Yep, you heard right. Done. I can hardly believe it myself.

Cleaning up the front area and getting the concrete in was the last job, and it is done. Now, working on the kiln will consist of playing with the flue dimensions and firing it, something I am looking forward to, and have started getting work ready for the  upcoming October firing.

I pulled the forms off this morning and cleaned up the concrete. The sump form had collapsed under the weight of the concrete, so I didn’t get the nice oval I was aiming for, and I had to go in with a hammer drill and concrete bit to clean out some of the concrete that had encroached into the sump area. It was still not quite cured, so not too difficult to break up.

Though I imagine water will still rise in the mouth of the kiln, it won’t be dirty runoff, and the walls of the stoking area will not be eroding every time we get rain. Once I get my hands on an automatic sump pump, I’ll be able to cover the sump and forget about it. Yay!

Actually, looking at the front area again, if we could think of a way to create a waterproof wall across the front of the kiln, we could have the first kiln heated jacuzzi. In fact, we could probably ‘soak and stoke’, relaxing in the hot tub while simultaneously firing the kiln to cone 13.

3 thoughts on “It’s Official”

  1. YES! CONGRATS! It actually took close to year! Wow!
    Looks great! Bravo. Any chance of firing this baby during da sprin wkshop?? pushy me. I want Onsen AND firing your kiln! Great job Mike!

    1. Thank you! I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s hard work, truly.
      As for firing during the workshop, not a snowball’s chance in hell…. HOWEVER, I am planning to fire it up very shortly after the workshop, just as fast as we can load it. Any chance you can hang around a bit?

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