Tiny 5 artist show in Taku

The go-nin ten is a tiny 5 person show that is more of an afterthought to the annual lotus blossom viewing event that happens here in Taku. Strictly speaking, it is not much of a chance to sell pots, but it is nice to mingle with the locals and meet new people. Most people come through the area after seeing the blossoms, give the pots a sort of disinterested glance and pass right out again. The ones that do stay to look however, are a good chance at advertising my bigger show later this month. I keep a stack of mailer postcards for people to take.

There are  three other potters, and one jewelery maker exhibiting.

As we were settling in for the morning, getting ready for customers to come by, a HUGE box arrived by express carrier. This box was big, probably about 2x2x2 meters! Turned out to be the new town mascot costume. Since the town’s biggest attraction is the 300+ year old Confucian Temple, the Taku town mascot was voted to be Takuo, a big dude that looks like Confucius, a big Confucius who likes to run around and hug people a lot, and who has a fuzzy pink heart on his butt for people to rub.