Kamadashi / and a nasty case of the runs

I unloaded the kiln yesterday evening, confirming my suspicions about my glazing skills. While I got some good smaller ‘souvenir’ level work out of the kiln, the chawan and guinomi were for the most part not so good. These are the higher yen items, so I like to get more of those than less, but it does not oft happen. Two problems with them this time: the iron glaze was a bit thin, because the water was a bit too deep in my foot soaking dish, and my band of rice straw ash glaze at the top was a bit too thick.

The pieces that I needed for the upcoming show were the small dishes and yunomi, and for the most part they came out great, aside from about 10 that really ran, and had super duper pinholing. The smaller dishes that I tried out my copper green on turned out nicely as well, looking like a cross between an Oribe green and a Nuka Seiji.

I’ll post pictures of some individual pieces in the next few days, but for now here are the unloading pictures: