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Above is the address for the blog I just started for the upcoming workshop in taku 2012: The Simple Teabowl. It will be updated throughout the year, as the workshop date approaches. Dates, by the way, are 2012, May 12 – 18.

Basic info about the workshop (dates, fees, program, etc…)can be found first and foremost here:

There are still a few things to flesh out, but the basic bones of the workshop have been taken care of. We currently have 2 amazing potters, and one amazing tea instructor who have agreed to give lectures and demos.

9 thoughts on “new blog for teabowl workshop”

  1. In MAY!!! Man, would have been nice to be in Saga for the Sakura season…regardless, ya might have to deal with me and a few other french Candian potters!!!
    Would that be OK?

  2. True, the cherry blossoms are nice, but the weather is just too sketchy. We will probably be outdoors a lot, and I really want it to be comfortable for everyone. Also, May is when wisteria blooms!

    I was hoping you weren't going to let the non-cherry blossom schedule deter you, bring as many other French Canadians as you can! This early on and things are already shaping up great. Who would've thought we could get Tsuruta sensei and Okamoto sensei in the same workshop? I'm still talking to a couple more potters, but don't want to mention any names until I know for sure.

  3. AWSOME!! I am far from detered, especially after hearing about the wisteria schedule!haha
    No, but I am really excited that you have Tsuruta sensei again. I love Okamoto sensei's work, so that should be great as well. Nice work!

  4. Great! Is Daniel still planning to come? By the way, I have some of your pots from the firing. Many have died from being in the two firings but a few have survived.

  5. Hey Mike, we're doing a wood firing at another potters' place mid-june. Daniel and other potters will be there. I guarantee tons of conversations about your place, wkshops and Japan. daniel and I will be bringing a few liters of Sake…I think Daniel wants to come and we're convincing his girlfriend.She's alot of fun.
    Nice Kiln layers above bu the way. How many layers are there?It has more insulatiuon than homes in Quebec!!

  6. Great! Talk it up because the more we have, definitely the merrier.

    Bringing sake to the firing in June, right? Bringing sake to Japan would be akin to toting maple syrup to Canada.

    Let's see, with this last coat, there are 5 layers of insulation on that kiln. Fiber, mud/rice hulls, more fiber, insulating firebrick, and the top mud/straw/sand. I think it is almost 30cm of insulation at this point. Here's hoping that it will allow for slow cooling.

  7. NO not bringing Sake to Japan..COME ON, you know me better that that! I hope you're trying a few different kinds this year so that you can introduce us to.
    This ain't no mapuru shyropu talk!
    I'm silly, must be all the venom accumulated in my blood from all the bites I've gotten this week. A combo of mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies and mini-flies that can go through the screens!! Argh, it's driving everyone nuts!

  8. Would you have room for a potter from Guam? I would still have to get permission for leave from school, and try and get a grant for the costs, but your workshop would be closer than going all the way back to the States for a week! I may need to ask for a space to unroll a sleeping bag under a workbench somewhere, but I would dearly love to attend! Please keep us informed as to the dates, etc.

  9. Carmen,

    Sorry to hear about all the flies and biters. We have the mosquitos here in May unfortunately. This year we have had thrips too, a new experience.

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