Major Changes

You may or may not have noticed, but the Karatsupots blog that you are seeing now is not the one you usually see.

In my never ending struggle for money, fame, and absolute power (it’s why I became a potter after all…) I have migrated my blog from to my own Karatsupots server, and will continue to publish the blog via WordPress. I’ll have better options regarding archiving and organization, ease of update, better optimization for being seen by the search engines, etc…

Those of you who visit frequently, don’t worry, everything is secure and aside from a few cosmetic issues, fairly seamless so far.

I’ll be hammering out the remaining cosmetic issues over the next few weeks and months, and am hoping to add some options for improved usability and visibility.

Incidentally, it is not just the blog. The website and online store is also experiencing an overhaul and will be up soon, new and improved…

Boy am I sick of sitting in front of the computer though… need to get back out to the studio and make some pots!

Oh, almost forgot the eye candy. This is an Oku-Gorai chawan, and exhibits most of the characteristics treasured by tea bowl enthusiasts. Chirimenjiwa (crinkly trimmed texture), Kairagi (glaze crawling over the trimmed surface resembling plum tree bark), Yu-kire (uneven glaze spots), Yubi-Ato (finger marks in the glaze), Ishihaze (stones erupting from the clay surface).