The Final Coat part II

Got two more tons of cob mix delivered yesterday morning and finished up the top coat on the kiln. Lots of mix left over for filling cracks later, and also for finishing up the pizza oven next week.

One thing I was really happy about was not coming across any dead frogs in the cob, like the last load.

As you can see, great care has been taken to keep the front crack free. I’ve been paddling  and burnishing it in a vain effort to keep it smooth.

You would think there is no real practical reason to keep the surface smooth, but the way it was explained to me, this is actually quite important, because during firing when the kiln leaves orbit and begins re-entry into the Ceramisphere, the temperatures and stresses exerted are phenomenal. Any crack or weak spot in the top coat could lead to catastrophic failure in the kiln structure. ; )