It continues to rain here, rained cats and dogs all night. This was the state of things in the morning:

You can see the shelves laying across the door above the primary air. The second one down is the same level as the kiln floor. Pretty darn close to flooding, but safe. It rained A LOT, all night, and I’m not sure why it stopped at this level. It usually stops around here so there must be some sort of drainage happening that keeps it from coming higher.

I am somewhat encouraged by this because it means I can finish loading today and probably not have to fear that pots will be floating out and about tomorrow morning.

Oh, and there were no dead animals in my kiln this morning, always a plus.

2 thoughts on “waterlogged”

  1. CRAP! That was a close one! Keep up the good work and the loading. Hey, I'll be going to help a friend with his wood firing this weekend and got another one booked with Daniel and other potters in June for our own pieces.
    Any recommendations based on your experience as to stuff one can put in and around pieces for fun effects?
    Will take pix and post them on my blog to share.
    Happy firing!

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