The Koi Pond

My apologies if you are getting sick of these water pictures. Whenever it rains and fills up, I for some reason am compelled to take a picture and post it. Some sort of weird compulsion I guess.

Anyway, I had an epiphany after the latest rain (we are into rainy season here now, with a vengeance). Why not use the kiln area as a koi pond when not firing? Not only would it likely be the first kiln in the world to also double as a water feature in the yard, but visitors could also enjoy the koi, and perhaps would even pay for those little packs of koi food, like at the zoo. Genius, no? OK, well, maybe not.

Still here’s that picture I am compelled to post.

With the primary air dampers closed, couldn’t the area under the grates be used as a separate enclosure for raising the fry?