Fishing, not clay today…

It was my eldest son’s birthday, and he requested we go fishing. It has become a sort of birthday ritual for us by now and we have a great time, especially when we catch fish. Today we did pretty well. Our neighbor’s daughter came with us, she is a fishing machine! Total concentration.
Two Bream and 7 small Yellowtail were the catch of the day. I lost 2 large Yellowtail, one to a weak leader line, and the next to a hook that wasn’t set properly. Fought it for a good 3 or 4 minutes before it shook the hook off. I’m still frustrated about that one. It came up high enough once that we could see it and it was probably about a 12 pounder. Aargh!

Here are some of the flowers starting to bloom in the garden/area.

 Cherries in the park at about 60% open.

Weeping fruitless peach in our yard, with nice bright colored buds.