The tragedy in Sendai

gets worse and worse by the day. I am feeling more and more lucky as I hear the accounts of damage in the quake and tsunami areas. Down here on Kyushu we haven’t felt any tremors, and are on the opposite side of the island from the tsunami danger areas.

Watching everything on tv, hearing about it from family and friends closer to the devastation, but it still seems somewhat unreal.

Things like this remind us to be thankful and appreciate what we have.

3 thoughts on “The tragedy in Sendai”

  1. Im glad that you are OK, As a retired Firefighter/EMT I wish I could come and help. Its good that other nations are helping

  2. Mike, We have been thinking of you as things unfolded. We knew you were a long ways away, but still, Glad you and your family are safe.

  3. I wasn't quite sure where you were in relation to the bad damage areas, so I am glad you posted to let us know you are alright.

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