Just a quickie here this morning before I head out the door. Here are some more jars that I coiled and paddled yesterday and the day before. I still need to work on speed. Having coils all stacked and ready to go really speeds things up.

One factor is stamina. My hands get tired on the big things, especially when I’m using that firm clay to speed up drying and keeping the pot stable.

 The largest jar at upper right is approx. 40 x 40cm. The others are all smaller. The smaller ones were were relatively easy to complete above the shoulder, where I usually get in trouble. The big one gave me some trouble at this point and was threatening to fall in on me when I paddled. Walls are about 4mm thick on all of them.

If you’re making a pot with a neck, it really helps to collar in for the neck. Once that is done the shoulder stiffens right up.

One last jar to add to this post, that was not finished before. This is the big one of the bunch and took longer because it needed to sit overnight. I think it was close to 50cm wide, but continues to shrink down as it dries. It has the low angle that I wanted, but I am not so sure it will survive the firing if I put it in a high flame area. So, this may be the only picture of it in one piece.  I kind of expect it to crack vertically near the foot, or perhaps the top will fall in, either way it should be fun to see when it happens.

This was a fun one to make, with a couple of close calls. A few more of these and I will have the Shinanju “Iron Pinch of Death” technique mastered.

Happy potting everyone!

3 thoughts on “Quickie”

  1. Thank you Mark! Now I just need to make about 20 more for the firing. I'm thinking about bisque-ing most of them, just for the sake of glazing, and the fact that a lot of the green ware from the first firing cracked on me.

  2. Very nice jars. Do you also use coil, paddle and throw on the wheel? The walls are very thin for the size of pot.

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