Nifty new toy

I ordered a cool new toy from Axner that came yesterday, and I am in love.
It is a Turbo Mixer, and it works wonders on lumpy glazes. A lot of my glazes contain stamped feldspars that are sold wet, in a sort of pugged clay state, or straight from the filter press. Unlike dry materials they do not just disperse into water and must be broken up by hand. I’ve gotten to where I leave the bags open and let them dry out completely, then slam them on the floor to break them up before adding them to the bucket. This really helps get them in to smaller pieces more quickly, and they tend to melt more readily but there are still many small lumps that don’t seem to melt completely no matter how much mixing I do with the regular drill mixer.

After 40 seconds of the Turbo Mixer, the Kaolin lumps in my ersatz Shino glaze were all gone, and I won’t need to screen the glaze. What a time saver!