Coffee cups

Here are some prototypes of cups that I’d like to start making. They will be given a coat of Kohiki slip, then a very thin layer of clear glaze. The clay has a lot of red iron oxide, so should bleed through the white slip, producing red, pink, and orange gradations. In theory at least….

They are made by putting a flat clay base on the kickwheel and adding a thick coil, then throwing the coil up in one or two motions with a large piece of deerskin, then a rib. The handles feel ok, but may be too big, will have to fire them to find out. The diagonal line you can see on the interior of the left cup is the remnant of the stacked coil joint.

Handled cups are a challenge because you want a handle that matches the form, otherwise it looks like it was just slapped on the side of a cup, and looks out of place. I always prefer simple handles, which, as it turns out, are easier said than done. What is very hard to find, in my opinion, is a handle size that works for most everyone’s hands. The tendency is to make something that fits my own, which is not so good as I have Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis’ stubby fingers and large palms. So, always working to channel my inner Homo Sapiens Sapiens’ long, slender fingered self.

The handles above were made intentionally a bit roomy, we’ll see how they end up. It’s a reaction I’m having to the wide strap-like handle I’ve been seeing so much lately for some reason. I always thought they look really substantial and nice, almost organic and lush. But, I got my hands on one a while back, and it was really uncomfortable to hold, the width was just too much, perhaps my fingers just don’t play nice with them. Anyway, it was quite a letdown, because I’d always wanted to learn how to make those handles and put them on my cups. I probably still will, only as lugs and knobs on larger forms.

4 thoughts on “Coffee cups”

  1. Thanks Euan,
    This is a great article. For anyone reading this, I recommend giving Euan's article a gander.

  2. These cups get 5 stars from me. The shape is very eye catching and unique. I love the uneven rim. I couldn't agree more about the wide strap handles. When I drink my coffee, a comfortable handle is a must because I hold the cup and rarely put it down.

  3. Thank you DirtKicker. Tough as they are, they are always fun and challenging. There are very few pottery items, or even other things in life more intimate to us humans than our cups.

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