Water jar butts

Here are the bottoms of the mizusashi. Just little bumps of clay for the feet, something to get the vessel just a few millimeters off of the tatami. Makes them look like they are floating a bit. Also, if there are any major drips, that space is just enough to prevent one drip from irretrievably cementing the jar to the bisquit it gets fired on, or the shelf if I am short on big bisquits.

6 should be enough, since mizusashi are not exactly big sellers, or rather, the demographic of people who buy them is much smaller than, say, tea or coffee cups. If the firing goes well, I should be about to keep about 2 or maybe 3 of these.

  Detail of two types of feet and the wood figure impression from the bat.

 Detail of the clay, paddle marks. Sometimes the marks look a little overdone at this stage, but remember there is glaze going over this, so it gets smoothed out quite a bit.

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