Back from break

Well, the holiday season has passed and it is back to the usual routine. Or rather, the routine on steroids. There are so many things to do that yesterday I spent 15 minutes just writing them all out on a desktop to do list.

Every time I go outside, I have to make a mental note to add another item to the list. There are so many, in fact, that I find myself in danger of being frozen with inaction. Just no place for my brain to stop and focus. So, the list. Tried just walking around and doing what needed to be done as I saw it, but ended up running in circles, as I became sidetracked again and again. This way seems to work too, but is definitely more frustrating, because the feeling of having accomplished something is delayed until the end. Sort of like a crystallization happening after a long, slow cool in which nothing appears to be occurring.

The list allows for small increments of accomplishment that I find far more satisfying. Guess it just depends on personality type. I’m definitely not a multi tasker.

 The lake at Vallecito dam.

 XCountry skiing around Vallecito Lake.

 Views from Purgatory ski area.

Had a VERY nice stay with my Mom and Stepfather with the kids over the new year. Got some snow skiing in, and a new experience, gutting and skinning an Elk. Stepfather had been wanting one for this year’s meat, and they kept walking right by the back door, so we sighted in a friend’s rifle and he shot one a few days later. Big fat female Elk, probably about 400lbs. I’d never dressed game before so it was a new experience, but one I was glad to have participated in. Gives a new appreciation for where meat comes from.  After the skinning and all was finished, I saved the tongue and heart, the best two parts, and we took the rest to a processor that makes sausages and other cuts of meat, and packs them up neatly for you.

That evening, with some resistance from my stepfather, we made Fajitas from the heart, and they were excellent. Even the kids loved them (I lied to them and told them it was regular tenderloin). Told them the truth a couple of days later and they looked rather peaked. My mom told me that in her childhood, her mother had a book of game recipes which included one for Moose nose. I would imagine Elk nose to be equally delicious, and we’ll have to try that next time. Here is a picture of the Elk, after we used the Bobcat to pull it down into the driveway from the hill in the background.

I’ll spare you the rest of the pictures as they get a bit gruesome. It really was a great anatomy lesson for the kids.

2 thoughts on “Back from break”

  1. Hey,
    Welcome back! Holy mother, amazing scenery!!! Where does your family live? Obviously not Texas..haha
    Cool Elk experience.
    Hope you don't short circuit your brain with all your tasks to do. I know what you mean though, but even multi-tasking won't save you. I think it would burn you faster. Keep it Zen, right? One step at a time. (So easy to say…so hard for the brain to get the hang of it )Good Luck

  2. Always nice to have fresh meat. Nothing quite like the stuff you kill and dress yourself. As you said, it gives you a new appreciation for where the meat comes from. Been enjoying your pics. Can't wait for more!

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