Thermometer setup

Lit the fire in the kiln again today, but didn’t go over 130C, just spent all day watching steam come out of the kiln. Got the thermocouple connectors hung over the kiln, high enough where they will not be affected by heat (hopefully).

This last pic is the temp readout on my netbook in the studio. All three thermocouples transmit a reading every 10 seconds. There is also a line graph readout which can be displayed, and recorded and saved. Nifty, huh? Also, there is apparently yet another Java update available.

Here’s the finished front stoke hole cover made of semi insulating castable. We’ll see how well it holds up.

 The green hose is for the pump. Still have to pump out the sump about 6 times a day, since it has been raining lately. Water just seeps in from the sides and it slowly fills. Working on getting an automatic sump pump with float switches so I won’t have to worry about waking up in the morning to a fire box full of water.

2 thoughts on “Thermometer setup”

  1. Hi, Mike.
    Congrats !
    Did the fire kick out your back's injury now ? (^0^)
    A fire box full of water ? Damn ! It remains me the story of a friend, fire her noborigama for the first time with a fire box's space filling with water, and need to buy a pump emergency …
    I pull the water directly throught the earth for you !
    Go ahead !

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