Taking the dive

Well, the die has been cast. I called the few folks with some pots to put in the kiln and told them to bring them because loading will commence next wed.

Rather than worrying about where the kiln will be hot or cold, and glazing accordingly with high and low temp glazes, I’ve decided to just glaze with high temp glazes, and refire the ones that don’t get hot enough first time around. It will also tell me what spots are hot and cool, even where there are no cones.

Still a few things need to be done before firing can happen, like casting the hole covers and the front door, and digging out the hole in front of the kiln further.

Will start the fire on the 15th of this month, then maybe I can unload on Christmas morning. Wouldn’t that be fun…

2 thoughts on “Taking the dive”

  1. The sound that you are hearing is the sound that a smile makes! I can smell that heavenly scent of wood burning already…

  2. Isn't that just so? That said, all of the things that need to get done before firing have flooded my brain. The castable cover of the second chamber may wait until after the firing, depends how many helpers I can hustle up.

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