Middle finished, front nearly done…

The middle got finished yesterday, and today the front stack nearly got done. Just a couple of more big pieces to put in place, and some small guinomi to stick in here and there.

In the picture above, the tokkuri are nearly below the side stokes. If we can manage not to nail them in the firing, there’s a chance they will come out mighty nice.

As it turns out, there are enough pieces left to fill the second chamber to a respectable degree. That will start tomorrow. The second chamber will be fired to around cone six. Yesterday, I finished off the floor anticipating it would need a couple of days to set nice and hard for loading.

These next pictures are the front stack getting done. Most of the large pieces are going in front. As I knew I would, I forgot I was dealing with green ware and broke one of my large bowls when I was getting it off the shelf. I hate that popping noise that happens when the rim breaks off in your hands, don’t you?
The floor layer:

 First layer of shelves:

 Second layer:

 The top layer of shelves. These top shelves actually needed to be cut down so they would fit in that narrow width with the arch tapering.

 After much deliberation, the two largest pieces went to the top of the stack. All should go well  unless one of them decides to give up the ghost during the firing and falls apart onto other pieces.

4 thoughts on “Middle finished, front nearly done…”

  1. Thanks Craig,

    I've tried not to think too much this first time, just keeping very good photo and notebook records, and use the pots to judge how the kiln fired. BTW, the removable grate bars in front have been a life saver.

  2. Mike – Wow! It all looks so inviting. I do have a question, or maybe it's a concern. Your shelves look like they butt right up against the sloping sides of the kiln. Yes? Any room for circulation there? Just wondering.

  3. Yes, those top two get pretty close to the sides. Since the flame is going front to back, I'm not too concerned, but this too is something that will be considered if something odd turns up in the unloading.

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