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Loading has started.

 Spit is very convenient stuff.

 These are the feet for the roof tile kiln shelves that I’m using in the rear.


 The floor layer, grey ones glazed with half and half clay and ash. Red ones are 1/2 clay, 1/4 ash, 1/4 spar. Red ochre added to taste.

 Getting those shelves up and back there is fun with back pain.

 2nd layer. More of the half and half glaze. Also some madara glaze. I’m experimenting with things as far a stacking pattern goes, see what works and what doesn’t. Bottom layer was more staggered. These shelves have big voids, so upper layers may end up more in a row.

4 thoughts on “Loading starting….”

  1. Big loading in las Taku! ha (get it?)
    About your back,man, you only got one, be nice to it! not kidding. Other than that, it's looking good.
    VERY exciting.

  2. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas?
    Big Trouble in Little China?

    My back seems to the point now that it hurts less if I keep moving. Sitting is the worst. The trick is the balance between keeping moving and moving too much.

  3. Yes! I agree with Carmen.. take good care of yourself. The stack looks great. Wish I was there. I think that everyone from the workshop is thinking the same thing. Watching from this far away is like watching a spacewalk. One small step for pottery, one giant step for Mike.

  4. Hi Craig,
    Seems that kiln loading is the new recommended therapy for back pain. Every evening when I go in the house my step is lighter with more range of motion. I'm sure it is from the twisting around in the tight space, getting the core muscles some passive exercise.

    Out to start the middle stack this morning…

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