Front door in

Got the front door bricked in this morning while I was waiting for some help with the digging that needed to get done at the front. Beautiful weather for it all, heavy rain. My cousin in law, Kouki, and my friend Nakayama kun came by to help with the digging because they took pity on my for my recent back pain. So while they worked on that I did other things around the kiln that needed doing that don’t require heavy lifting, such as tacking insulating blanket on the rafters and beams closest to the chimney, and making peep and stoke hole covers.

Below is the door. These were some more scrounged bricks that I knew would be useful at some point, then never could find a use for them. Finally, they are living up to their potential. The nifty thing about them is that if they are in a space that is slightly too wide, or too narrow, one or two can be tapped in or out further to expand or contract the row. You can see in the pictures where a couple of the bricks are sticking out a bit because I did just that. At the top I switched over to IFB, and rather than cutting bricks to fit in the left over holes in the arch, I think it will be easier just to stuff the holes with scrap fiber.

 It’s more rain in the forecast through Thursday, so the first two days of firing will be wet. We’ll lay down some wood in the newly dug front, just to keep our feet dry. I went out for a few hours this evening and when I came back the water had filled up the area and was about an inch or two up into the firebox. I will really need an automatic sump pump in the sump which will be able to pump out water whenever the area starts to fill. Otherwise I never know what I’ll be waking up to. When the kiln is empty it is not that important, but I’d had to peek in the freshly packed kiln after a night of rain and see pots floating around…

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  1. Hey Mike: The bricks for the door are a brilliant scrounge! It looks like you are on schedule. There are so many details for a first firing and it looks like you are meeting them.

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