Empty kiln looking lonely

Unloaded everything yesterday and am in the process of cleaning up. Nothing was over fired, which is not so good. Lots of under fired stuff, some of which is getting refired in the gas kiln today. From the standpoint of a first firing, everything was a huge success, because every decision I made was reflected in the results coming out of the kiln, whether or not the pots looked great. I certainly know where I went wrong, and made some interesting discoveries. Things to repeat next time, and things to avoid.

 Cones pictured are 9,10,11,12, and 13

 Actually got this katakuchi out of the bowl with minimum damage to either.

 Just the rear stack left to unload.

Rear stack cones. 9 and 10 flat, with 11 about 30% over.

One of the biggest lessons I learned (yet again) is not to pay much attention to the thermocouples. We stoked the kiln for a good 10 hours with very little rise in temp in the front/middle of the first chamber. I was getting very frustrated, and the TC read 1130C at it’s highest. Finally, I remembered that I’d put in cones. The top cone pack in front showed 9 and 10 flat, and 12 about half over. So that puts the real temp/heat work at around 1320C give or take. Just  a bit of a difference from the TC!

Main thing to take into the next firing: fire for more than 2 days, even for glazes, but especially for the unglazed work, and bury as much as possible in embers, even the glazed work.

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