Comparing Pieces

Having just finished a refiring of work in the gas kiln, this is a good opportunity to compare work slightly under fired in the wood kiln, to work refired in gas.  Below are two bowls that were next to each other in the wood kiln and didn’t quite get to temperature. The second one I just refired in gas to within about 40 degrees celcius of its regular maturing temperature. The glazes have really improved, in fact are better, in my opinion than just having been fired in gas, because much of the ‘good stuff’ acquired in the wood kiln hasn’t been lost from the glaze surface. One big change, not so good, is the loss of the color in the clay that resulted from refiring in gas. Still a bit better than just having been fired in gas, but very close to the dead colors that gas usually gives.


I think that if the piece matures properly in the wood kiln, the results would be really nice. The good color response in the clay, with the matured glaze and all of the nuances that the fly ash and gases add to the surface.