2nd Chamber Doorway Finished

Finished loading the second chamber and bricked up the door. Ended up barely having enough shelves for the ware, as the used shelves I just bought turned out to have some cracks on close inspection. After all, it looks like 10 or more shelves out of 40 have cracks. So I set them aside, and the guy who sold them to me will replace them with good ones. But that means I couldn’t use them this time around. Barely had enough shelves to finish the load, but it worked out. Just 3 pieces didn’t make it in. As you can see from the pics, the second chamber is not even close to full.

Used every last straight brick on the door, and got a bit creative with brick scraps, because I didn’t want to cut a bunch of halves. Having the door recessed really helped with the brick fit at the edges.