What is that sound?

Don’t tell me you can’t hear it. It is the sound of a FINISHED CHIMNEY! YES!

Ok, well perhaps not that exciting, but a big relief, especially since my back went south on my yesterday evening. Woke up this morning and could hardly move. Did a lot of stretching and moving around for about an hour before everything started to loosen up. Took a couple of ibuprofen, which I hardly ever do, and got out there to add the last tiers to the stack.

Once I was working and loose, the pain pretty much stayed away all day, just had to make sure not to sit down and rest, which would have allowed the back to tighten up again. Made it through the day and finished the stack, finished filling in some voids in the second chamber, and got the insulation started on the second chamber. Really loved those jobs, the kind of jobs that take a few minutes to do and are done forever, unlike the friggin’ never ending chimney…

 Here are some of the pics:

 The yellow straps are on the wider rows just in case. Once the ‘L’ angle is on and welded, the straps will go away.

 After all of that work, I was rather disappointed to see that the wood kiln’s stack is shorter than the gas kiln stack.

 Here’s the blanket over the second chamber. I loved this job because it only took about 20 minutes…

 Rather than applying the cob over the blanket, like in the first chamber, I will apply insulating castable over the blanket. Gilding the lily, perhaps, but with all of that insulating castable left over, it is really a shame not to use it. Still trying to figure out a good way to insulate the front and back of this chamber.

Speaking of using up castable, it will also be used for the doors and stoke hole covers. Not so sure how it will hold up, but it’s worth a try.

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