Sick of Brick

Forgive my whining, but I’m tired of hauling 35 pound blocks up a ladder and stacking them on the chimney. My wrists and lower back have finally had enough too, I think. Thankfully I have only one level left to add to the chimney. Here are some pictures in order of progress over the last few days:


I like this last picture staring down into the chimney. Looks like something out of  a Predator movie to me, somehow. Today, as I knew I eventually would, I knocked my hammer of the lip and it fell down to the bottom. Luckily I was able to open up the flue channel at the base and fish it out. Did I mention I’m really sick of stacking blocks?

2 thoughts on “Sick of Brick”

  1. Good work Mike, sorry we're not there to help.
    It must be REALLY exciting to be near the end.
    hang in there! Nive pix too.

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